Augmented Reality Creative Agency.


Emersiv AR was founded on the belief that augmented reality will have a dramatic and lasting affect on how society communicates and views the three dimensional world. This includes how customers, users and other key stakeholders interact with products and brands then make decisions in a sales and marketing, education and demonstration or operations and maintenance context.

We see augmented reality as firstly a new type of customer-driven marketing where consumers can seize control of the experience. Secondly, as an internal and external demonstration and education tool for businesses which allows key stakeholders to make informed decisions. And third as a operational and maintenance guide to support workers and users in training and insitu decision making scenarios.  

We have focused our value propositions on key touch points in the consumer and broader stakeholder decision journey to help customers and businesses gain an improved understanding of a product and/or brand when they actively evaluate it in augmented reality.


We are passionate about music, design, technology and the environment which drives our thinking and way of doing business. Our deep experience in graphic design, modelling, software and consulting compliments this.

Combined our passion and experience allows us to think beyond the obvious and create solutions that will change the way consumers evaluate products and likewise the way brands market and do business online.


We Deliver For Our Clients

We deliver outstanding AR campaigns that drive value creation and provide tangible results for our clients.

We Act With Integrity

We have an ethical culture that embraces a sense of responsibility for doing the right thing the right way.

We Strive For Sustainable Outcomes

We are committed to environmental and social outcomes for our business and our clients.

We Live And Breathe Our Passion

We live and breathe our passion which drives our business and way of thinking.